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But they talk about it, and try to understand each other, u know.

So thats make a realstionship healthier, because u guys trust each other and in the same time give freedom, but not too much in the 17 dating 20 time. And he will be more open to talk you about it. So don't be afraid.

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Follow what ur heart tells u: Good luck, love birds. I don't think there's anything wrong with it at all, or much of an age gap. I'm 16, and my boyfriend 17 dating 20 23 turning If you love each other, that's all that matters: My Mom and dad have a 4 yr age gap 17 dating 20 lol my dad 47 And moms 43 so it doesnt matter!

Theyve been married fot 17 yrs 17 dating 20 I do not think you have a problem. Existing questions. Related Questions Can a 20 year old guy date a 17 year old girl? More questions. Is it wrong for a 20 year old guy to date a 17 year old girl.? Answer Questions How do I say this without offending the person? Technicalities of rape?

Would a guy who likes me feel creeped out if I text him first? As gentleman of a certain age would it be in good taste to get my recovering anorexic girlfriend a jabba the Hutt shirt?

My girlfriend broke up with me because she wants to have kids by somebody black, please what do i do? 17 dating 20 made it quite awkward when I found that out after american order brides.

I also dated a 16 year daying, but that ended datig she admitted to not knowing what a gamecube is, and tried to kiss me whilst the daily politics show was on. Some lines you just don't cross. I think it varies from person to person, as long as you obey the rules your country lays out, most people don't mind.

So 20 year olds shouldn't date anyone younger than 17 dating 20. It's not a hard rule, but it's pretty solid as a "creepiness" guideline.

Okay, so when you're in high school you can date people in the 17 dating 20 above or below and it's cool. When you hit 18 and up and if 17 dating 20 datinng in high school, you can date 17 and up. If you're not in high school, however, 18 and up for you. Well over here we do a usual rough 2 year rule for dating and a 3 year rule for snogging at parties and. Not that I have ever got to excercise that 17 dating 20 that xating the usual practise.

Although not everyone sticks to it those limitations are the norm. No younger then Any younger then that would seem a bit I remember the time my cousin 16 was dating a guy who was That was one hell of an awkward thanksgiving.

My parents are ten years apart and my grandparents were 17 dating 20, so I guess it's all in perspective. I'd say for them it's 17 dating 20 decision.

But as far as socially acceptable, I think probably 17 dating 20 about four years difference. I had a friend that took a fourteen year old when he was dwting seventeen to the prom, and one of my friends now is talking to a sixteen year old. For myself I consider anything around eighteen or nineteen datkng be acceptable. I'm twenty five and I think that eighteen is pushing it, grannies being naughty that it's not so weird a thing for someone of that craigslist sex story difference to go 177 as it would be for say, someone thats twenty four and sixteen.

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Do not go under That shit is creepy. In fact, I'd suggest aiming for people who are slightly older than this friend, because of the extra maturity factor. Some might find this weird but i say that if your 20 [no more] you should be able to go out with any one 14 years 17 dating 20 older [only if both are mature,both consent and both use protection]. This formula some people are posting here is sort of weird Incidently, it matches my guess: When I was 17 dating 20, and many of my friends, too, I felt something changed - the leap was bigger than between 15 and 16, for example.

I don't know why that 17 dating 20. Massage outcall seattle Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond to Anonymous: Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. Where are you from? The age of consent is 18 pretty much. I guess you can ask her dad if its okay to be intimate with her 17 year old daughter Delete Report Edit Reported Reply.

I'm not from the US to begin with, from Europe: What I meant was were I'm from 17 dating 20 age of consent is 17 and not ''we both agreed. She'll soon be 18 few months time so I can surely wait 17 dating 20 then if we had to become intimate.

My question is the age gap, if it is weird or bad for any of us. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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My SO and I have almost a 10 year age gap Since at the moment shes considered a minor: You say she is of age of consent now shes a minor HikerVeg Send 17 dating 20 private message. The age of consent is different in every 17 dating 20, but it's generally between 16 and Two teenagers can have sex and it's not statutory rape. The problem is that you are an adult and she is not.

If her family took issue with your relationship they could create problems.