DIY Avocado Deep Conditioner


This deep conditioner is great for dry, frizzy hair but also for damaged hair. Avocado contains vitamin B and E, which keeps your hair moisturized and stimulates hair growth. In addition to the avocado, the olive oil has many antioxidants to reverse hair loss and prevent hair damage. The honey is like the avocado a good moisturizer to feed the hair follicles and restore dry, frizzy hair.


For this deep conditioner, you will need:

– 1-2 (ripe) Avocados

– 2 tablespoons of olive oil

– 1 tablespoon of honey


The measurements do not need to be precise, you can adjust them depending on how much hair you have. I have used one avocado instead of two. (Make sure that you use a ripe avocado otherwise it will be very difficult to wash it out of your hair.)


Blend or mash the avocado together with the olive oil and honey until you have a very smooth paste. Divide your hair in sections and dampen it with warm water. The warm water will make the hair follicle open up and the conditioner can penetrate the hair. Make sure to detangle your hair before applying the conditioner.   DSCN0428

Apply the conditioner on your hair and focus especially on the ends. Make a loose bun, make sure to tuck the ends in, and place a shower cap over your head.


Sit under hooded dryer for 30 minutes or without heat for at least 45 minutes until an hour. Make sure to wash your hair afterwards with warm water. Once the mask is washed out, rinse your hair with cold water in order for the hair follicles to close again.


The results? Soft and shiny hair!



L: before R: after

X Caressa


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