How to: Big (sassy) bun

Last summer, I decided to cut my curls in order to get rid of damaged hair. But guess what? I did not expect that my curls would shrink till my jawbones. It was impossible for me to make a nice bun and putting all my curls together in one ponytail was simply impossible. But we women have such good characteristics and one of them is that we become very creative when we want things to be different. I no longer had to walk around with messy hair during bad hair days, oh no I was able to create a big, stylish bun without a hair donut. 

This is what you need:

– A big hair tie without metal, like this one: Click!

– Jumbo bobby pins or regular bobby pins, it depends on the thickness of your

– Hair gel

– Hairbrush

Step 1. Put your hair together loosely in a pony tail

I only do this in order to apply the hair gel easily to my hair. I smooth my hair before creating the bun, because I like the result better. My hair is straight and soft. I use STYLE ICON argan oil styling gel, because it has no alcohol, no flakes and it has UV protection. Not to forget, the smell is not strong and for me it is perfect. After applying the gel, I grab my hairbrush and I comb my hair till it becomes straight. Use a soft hair brush in order to prevent breakage.

Step 2. Put your hair together in a pineapple bun
Create a ponytail like the picture above. My hair grew since my ‘big’ chop (It was not that big), so it is now easier for me to put my hair in a pineapple bun. Do not worry about the pieces which are too short for the bun (Thank God we have bobby pins). Furthermore, some loose curls are cute as well; your bun will be more casual.
   Step 3. Pin it up girl!
‘Fold’ your curls to the inner core of your ponytail and slide the pins in your hair. Use smaller bobby pins for the loose curls. Make sure that you use bobby pins which match your hair color! 
And then you are done!

Do you want to check the outfit out? Click here!

XoXo Whitney Rochette


2 thoughts on “How to: Big (sassy) bun

  1. Ms.Quality says:

    Love this! When in doubt “Bun it out” Lol that was so corny! Lol But, You should check me out! is THE PLACE WHERE YOU CAN GET IT ALL : FASHION,MUSIC,GOSSIP AND MORE!

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