Our bad haircare habits

Wherever I am walking with my mum and we see guys with awesome hair, my mother always mention that guys have ‘prettier’ hair than woman, because it is thicker. I do not know if this is true, but I can tell that male hair is often healthier, because guys just do not do too much shit with their hair. Sometimes I even consider to ‘detox’ my hair which holds that I do not want to apply hair products for a while, allowing the natural oils of my scalp to restore. However, this is more complex than it may seem.
Ever wondered why your hair is so vulnerable at the moment? Girl, grab a chair and let me tell you about our crazy habits with hair products.



Numéro uno!

You just bought the awesome curl enhancing smoothie by Sheamoisture and are all excited about trying it out. You are already imagining how awesome your curls will become, but after the first use you are disappointed because the hair product barely exceeds your expectations. Can you relate to this? First of all, you have to buy hair products based on your hair type and not on your friends their experiences. Her hair type might differ or perhaps she might have a different curly hair routine which affects the absorption of hair products into the hair.
Secondly, it takes quite some time for your hair to get used to the new hair products. You should have some patience.



Numéro dos!
You might switch hair products too fast, not giving your hair a chance to adjust and ‘settle’ for a while. You should switch hair products every three months: one month to adjust, one month to ‘settle’, one month to do its work perfectly. Nevertheless, after a certain period of time the hair product does not work as it should, because your hair is used to it. It is comparable to sleeping medication, it works for a certain period of time but afterwards your body is used to it.


Numéro tres!
Sometimes we buy hair products without any knowledge of the content. It is better to avoid products which contain sulfates and silicones. We consumers have the idea that a certain products works when it foams. However, products which do not foam are effective as well.  Sulfates are considered bad, because it extracts naturals oils. Thus, sulfates damages and dries your hair out.

However, silicones are not necessarily bad. It depends on your hair, some people have no problems with silicones, while others notice that their hair becomes dry because of it.


Numero cuatro!

Budget shopping is not bad, especially because of these times of recession. Nevertheless, if you want to take good care of your hair it is recommended to visit the hairdresser, healthy food and products which consist of good ingredients.


Numero cinco!

Some of us believe that hair products against breakage and split ends are really effective. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Split ends can be caused by the trichorrhexis nodosa which is a hair disease which strips your hair off. The hairdresser can help you get rid of it, not a hair product from the super market or hair shop. He/She will cut your hair till a necessary length.


Curious about the outfits? This blog is waiting for you!

XoXo Whitney Rochette


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