Review: Ouidad Leave in Conditioner and Curl Defining Soufflé



So, lately I’ve been trying a bunch of new conditioners and moisturizers. Two products of Ouidad being one of them. I was curious to try products of Ouidad because they have a broad product line for wavy, curly, tight curly and kinky hair. I’ve tried the Moisture Lock Leave-in Conditioner and the Curl Recovery Curl Defining Soufflé. I will be reviewing and comparing them with each other.


Moisture Lock Leave-in Conditioner
The Leave-in Conditioner is in 8.5 ounces (250 ml) available in Europe which I think is a good minimum amount, since I have a lot of hair. It is a bit pricey, €23.40 in Europe and in the USA $23.00. The first thing that I noticed when I opened the bottle was the smell, which I did not like. It smells like a chemically bar of soap with a hint of men’s aftershave. Luckily, that smell is no longer present after applying it on the hair.


It is a creamy conditioner that does not weigh my hair down and keeps it very moisturized without using a huge amount. In addition, this product makes my hair easy to detangle and leaves it soft with nice defining spirals without a lot of frizz.


The Curl Recovery Curl Defining Soufflé
The Soufflé has in comparison to the Leave-in Conditioner an amazing fragrance. It is strong, but that is what I like and what I am used to. It is more expensive than the Leave-in Conditioner, €26.40 in Europe and $26.00 in the USA. It is a very thick consistency cream and it is recommended for tight curly and kinky curly hair. The Leave-in on the other hand is also recommended for wavy and curly hair.


Even though, the soufflé is very thick, I discovered it has no slip at all when I applied it to my hair. It dried my hair immediately and I had to re-wet quite a lot of pieces of hair. It left more residue in my hair than the Leave-in and I felt it lacked moisture when my hair was wet and during the course of my hair air drying.


Pro’s Leave-in Conditioner:
– Light weight and still moisturizing.
– Good detangler and nice curl definition.
– Leaves the hair soft and frizz free.
– Good packaging, good amount.

Con’s Leave-in Conditioner:
– Bad smell.
– Expensive.

My hair with the Leave-in Conditioner.


Pro’s Curl Defining Soufflé:
– Thick consistency cream.
– Nice smell.

Con’s Curl Defining Soufflé:
– Expensive.
– Dries out the hair.
– No slip and a lot of product residue.


My hair with the Soufflé.


Overall, I loved the Leave-in Conditioner and I will definitely repurchase that one. I was disappointed by the Curl Defining Cream so I won’t repurchase it but the Leave-in worked well enough for me to be curious of Ouidad’s other products.


(Ouidad’s products in Europe can be found on In the USA, they can be bought at


X Caressa


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