Green smoothie of the week: Back to basics

I know I should write about green smoothies on a weekly basis, but the last couple of weeks have been crazy. I had to get used to my job and during the weekends, I was so exhausted!

One of the main reasons I love green smoothies is because it brings my hair alive. After returning from the United States, my hair was extremely dry due to the weather circumstances and the tap water. I immediately started drinking green smoothies and guess what? My hair is much much healthier. See the two pictures below. The picture on the left is made a few days after my return, the picture on the right was made five weeks after my return. Thus, your lifestyle really influences your hair.












Out of all the green smoothies I have made, I have to admit that the basic one is the one I like the most. I add super foods to my shakes in order to give it that little extra. In an upcoming post I will go in further detail about it.



The ingredients of this delicious smoothie:

-One banana

-One handful of spinach

-Soy milk

-One table spoon of Wheat-grass (optional)

– Soy protein (optional)

Basic2One banana a day makes your curly hair stay OK!



In my previous green smoothie post I mentioned the advantages of consuming banana’s and Weath-grass. Did you miss that post? No biggie, just click here!

Whoever watched Popeye in the past, knows that spinach is very good for you. Unlike Popeye, you will not get a super muscular body immediately. However, eating spinach is extremely good when you want to have a healthy lifestyle. This delicious vegetable consists of vitamin A, B2, B3, B6, C, E and K. Besides, it consists of a high percentage of minerals. Not to forget, spinach helps to prevent several types of cancer.




When you want to make your smoothie, you can choose for water rather than regular milk. I prefer soy milk not only because of the taste, but also because it barely consists of carbohydrates. The reason why I am trying to lessen the amount of carbohydrates I consume is because these fellas are the reason why we gain weight, even though we are having a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, if you are trying to gain weight it is no problem to combine protein with regular milk.




Firstly, wash the blender and poor the soy milk (or water) in the blender. Make sure that the amount of milk is in balance with the spinach and banana, otherwise it might be too watery.
Thereafter, you can add the table spoon of the Weath-grass powder. This step is optional, lots of people do not like the taste of  weath-grass. Nevertheless, the taste of banana is much stronger and therefore you will not really taste the weath-grass powder. Also, you can add protein powder after your work out.

Peel the banana and slice it in pieces. Add it in the blender and start blending. Make sure that there are no chunks in your smoothie, this is yukkie!

Poor your smoothie in a nice glass and enjoy!


Basic5  Basic6



XoXo Whitney


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