My experience with Henna



A few weeks ago, I randomly decided to buy some Henna and try it on my hair. My mother motivated me a bit on this because she used Henna on her hair often when she was younger. It wasn’t until last weekend I finally applied it to my hair.


Friday night, I mixed the henna powder with hot (not boiling) water and lemon juice. I added lemon juice to release the red dye. I mixed it until it became een thick paste en let it sit overnight in a dark, room temperature place.



L: Henna powder. R: The final mixture.



The next morning, I made sure the floor was covered with old newspaper sheets and I wore an old t-shirt and towel around mijn shoulders. I also wore gloves so my hands wouldn’t turn out red. I applied the Henna very thick in sections on my hair and wrapped my head afterwards with cellophane paper. Initially, I wanted to keep the Henna in my hair for four hours, but it was really heavy on my head and I wasn’t so fond of the smell. So eventually, I decided to wash it out after two and a half hours.


I had to rinse my hair several times and I also co-washed my hair twice. The Henna can leave your hair dry, so I decided not to use shampoo for at least a day. Once the Henna was completely rinsed out of my hair, I applied a hot oil treatment which I let sit on my hair for thirty minutes.

After rinsing and co-washing my hair for the last time, I styled my hair as usual and I was very please with the results. I, personally, noticed the difference in my hair color immediately but I know that will not be the same for other people unless the sun is actually shining on it.



First day hair

                                     DSCN0594 DSCN0596

 L: Second day after waking up. R: Second day hair.


In addition, my hair felt and looked immediately stronger and shinier. However, Henna acts like a protein treatment on (curly) hair so my hair was very dry after rinsing out the Henna, which is why I had to co-wash and deep condition my hair. Next time, I will definitely add conditioner or oil to the Henna mix to save time after rinsing the Henna. Another thing I noticed was that the Henna loosened my curl pattern. It elongated my curl and diminished shrinkage because the curl was slightly loosened. Some people may see this as an advantage and some people as a disadvantage. Personally, the appearance didn’t bother me but I did had to go an extra mile during styling to make the curls defined enough.  

Overall, I was very pleased with the results and I will definitely do another Henna treatment in a few weeks! 


X Caressa


2 thoughts on “My experience with Henna

  1. Thalisa says:

    I did a test with Henna a couple of days ago but it did not color my hair. My hair is brown and I applied the caca marron (from Lush, its a brown color). I wasn’t expecting a change in color but at least to cover my grays. It did not. Is it really a change in color? I don’t want to use henna in my entire head if it is not going to do anything since after that I won’t be able to go to a regular hair dye to cover my grays.


    • curlsnlashes says:

      I used the regular (red) Henna on my hair, which is dark brown. After the henna, my hair is a lighter brown but that is visible in the sun or other lighting.

      How did you test the Henna on your hair? Because the dye only releases the henna when leaving to rest overnight and then being in your hair for a couple of hours to let the color appear. I have not a lot of experience with Henna but I thought it would at least color especially gray strands. I suggest trying it on a small gray strand but not on your entire head. If afterwards, your hair didn’t absorb the color, I wouldn’t apply the Henna on your entire head and rather use a regular hair dye.


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