Review: Black soap for skin care

Ciao ciao dearest,

Last week went by so quickly that I did not had a chance to post something new. So let’s change that immediately!

This week I wanted to write something about Black Soap which is a true miracle. In the past I had acne and like more teenagers I was very ashamed of it. At the age of 18, the acne was not as bad anymore. However, I had terrible acne on my back. Sometimes, I was not even able to lie down on my back because some of the pimples were pretty sensitive.
When I was 20 I was tired of this and thus I started doing research. I did not want to take medicines against acne; I wanted to solve it in a natural way. I read good reviews about black soap and thus I decided to give it a try.


So what is Black soap exactly? Black Soap is a handmade soap made in Africa. Unlike the name the soap is not always 100% Black. If the soap is completely black it is an indication that it consists of chemicals. Because the black color was ‘sealed’ on the soap. The color of the soap depends on the village where it was produced. Black soap may contain:



  • Leaves of banana trees.





  • Peel of bananas.





  • Barks of shea trees.





  • Shea- or cacao butter.





  • Water.





  • Coconut oil



The more cacao butter and shea butter, the lighter the soap will be. The other ingredients are burned and thereafter shea butter, cacao beans and water is added. Black soap consists of vitamine A and B. To me the only disadvantage of the soap is that it consists of glycerine. Therefore you should be aware that your skin may become very dry.


The soap looks pretty odd, but other than that it smells pretty good. A small piece (size of the upper part of your finger) of the soap is enough. It foams immediately which made me wonder if it really does not contain chemicals.


After a month of using the soap I immediately noticed differences: I had less pimples. Seven month after using the soap for only one month I still do not have lots of pimples on my back. I really recommend this soap to everyone who has acne. But take into consideration that the soap may have a different effect on your skin.

XoXo Whitney Rochette


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