How to: Lessen shrinkage and frizz

Earlier this week I decided to try something out in order to protect my hair against the fall weather while achieving less shrinkage and frizz. My hair has been out of control lately, probably because of the change of weather. My hair has at the moment 70% frizz, 5% knots and 25% curls. I took this picture yesterday morning and at the end of the day my hair completely changed, the volume was tremendous (which I do not mind) and then comes the frizz which was a pain in the ass. 

First step washing and conditioning

I prefer to have clean, moisturized hair when I do a protective hairstyle which will influence the texture and/or shape of my hair for a couple of days. For this step I use the Argan oil shampoo of L’Oreal even though it has sulfates. I only wash my hair with shampoo once in two weeks and therefore it does not damage my hair.

I use SheaMoisture conditioner as a conditioner. I divide my hair into segments and I apply the conditioner to the segments one by one. Thereafter I massage each segment in order to moisturize my hair. The last step is to comb my hair until all knots are out. I do not rinse the conditioner out, since I use it as a deep conditioner.

Second step diffusing

In order to create volume I diffuse the curls. First I wait until my hair is 50% air dried in order to avoid too much frizz.  When diffusing I choose only cool air since the air humidity in the Netherlands is very high. Using hot or warm air will cause lots of frizz as soon as I get out of my house.

Third step braiding your hair

Divide your hair into two segments  and divide each segment in four smaller segments. Apply some ECO styler gel (Olive oil) to each segment and start braiding. At the end you will have 8 braids.


Last step un-braiding your hair

Lastly, carefully un-braid your hair and try to not comb or manipulate your hair in another way. If you are living in a humid environment, like the Netherlands, nature will do the work for you.  As soon as I get out of my house the air humidity starts manipulating my hair causing lots of volume. The frizz on my hair is limited, since I diffused my hair with cold air.




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