90 Day Hair Growth Challenge

The first month of the new year is almost over and I promised myself to start a hair challenge in 2015. I’m sharing this in case anybody wants to join in or at any other time of the year.

The hair growth challenge will be done with Castor Oil because it has great benefits such as:

Increase hair growth
Thickens hair, makes it fuller and shinier
Reduces hair damage/breakage
Deep conditions hair and prevents dry scalp/dandruff
Preventing split ends when applied to ends.


The rules of this challenge are quite simple:

Apply warm 100% castor oil at least 3-4 times a week and massage into scalp for five minutes (seven days a week is optional). I will be using Jamaican black castor oil by Tropical Isle. I will dillute the JBCO, with jojoba peppermint oil by Twocurlsonemission, twice a week, to make it less greasy. You can use any oil to dillute, such as olive oil or coconut oil.
Shampoo/Co-wash and condition only once every 8-10 days OR
Wear protective styles
No heat
Water intake: 2 liters.


I will start this challenge the 2nd of february until the 2nd of may and the hairstyles I will be doing are:

Wash n Gos
Curlformers/Flexi Rods heatless curls
Twist outs


I will measure and photograph my hair in the back, side and front in the beginning and every two weeks until the end. I will be uploading a post with the results and my experiences about this challenge at the end but I will give regular updates on our youtube channel.

I’m very curious about the results and if you are joining me good luck!




6 thoughts on “90 Day Hair Growth Challenge

  1. Marcy Jackson says:

    Hello CurlsNLashes,
    I will be joining you on this hair challenge. I will be using the brand by “Okay” Jamaican Black Castor oil as my only oil for use on the scalp and will use Avocado oil for my hair. My protective style currently is mini braids. I look forward to see what the results will bring.


  2. Jazmyne Lesane says:

    Hi CurlsNLashes,
    How did this work for you I think ima start it starting Monday…. But did you get any growth in the end of the 90 days??? I’m trying to make my hair grow and get up to at least mid-back length or longer by April 30th of 2016 where I will be two years natural so can you please help me??? Just fill me in.


    • curlsnlashes says:

      Hi Jazmyne
      My hair grew an extra 0.5 cm every month with this challenge. It defenitely made a difference for me but the castor oil also made my hair thicker. I would recommend you to especially do low maintenance styles like twist out and braid outs and let your hair rest because then you will get optimal results. What length is your hair currently?


    • curlsnlashes says:

      You do not need to start at a particular time but I would advise during summer, hair growth will then probably already be faster than usual also, hair is prone to damage during the winter so I prefer to not manipulate it that often then


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