How to: take care of 4a hair type

Taking care of my hair has been a struggle in 2014. Well, I think I had to get to know my hair…I have made so many mistakes, such as: following Youtubers who had a different hair texture, frequently changing hair products (actually confusing my hair) and dying my hair with harsh chemicals.

My hair type is both 3c and 4a. Hair type 4 is probably the hair texture, which requires extra care; since it is more fragile than any other hair types. This texture has less cuticle layers, which means that it has less natural protection.


Avoid chemicals

You should use products which consist of  natural ingredients. Sheamoisture and Miss Jessie’s offer great products.

 “Girl, that really does not work for me!”

Switching from chemical based products to natural products will cause a temporary shock to your hair. You need to give your hair the chance to adjust to the new products. Once your curls are used to the ingredients of the new products, you will notice that your hair will become healthier.

(It takes at least a month for my curls to adjust to new hair care products)


If you want to dye your hair, you could best apply red henna on your hair. Why? Red (!) henna does not consist of any chemicals. This powder gives your hair shine; makes it stronger; temporarily makes your hair texture less heavy, which leads to less battles with your comb (less breakage)

Hair routine

I wash my hair one time a week. If you wash your hair frequently, you are actually manipulating your hair which means more breakage and less growth. I used to wash my hair two – three times a week. Consequently, there was lots of breakage and I could not retain length.

Before washing my hair, I pre-poo my hair. Basically, I apply Alma oil on my hair and I finger detangle my curls. After an hour I start my wash routine (using natural hair products). After shampooing my hair, I deep condition my hair for at least one hour. Lastly, I apply a conditioner in my hair in order to facilitate the detangling process.

Protective styling

Protective styling is a must! As I mentioned earlier, hair type 4 has fewer cuticle layers, consequently there is less natural protection. Thus, it is up to you to take measures in order to protect your hair against weather circumstances, breakage etcetera.

My favorite protective styling? Flexi rods. We shared a video on our YOUtube channel in which Caressa explains how she applies flexi rods on her hair. I will share my version, very soon! But you can get an idea from the picture below.


Night routines

During the evening, I usually apply jojoba oil to my hair. This makes my hair very soft and shiny. Thereafter, I stick my hair in a pineapple bun and voila!

However, it really depends on how my hair looks. If it is frizzy I will either braid my hair or wrap my curls around flexi rods. As I mentioned earlier, I try to not manipulate my hair in order to give it the chance to grow, to reduce breakage and lessen frizz.


Do you want to share your own tips? Comment below!

Xoxo Whitney


11 thoughts on “How to: take care of 4a hair type

  1. destinytwilliams says:

    I’m still getting to know my natural hair some two years later. I didn’t realize there was so many different products when I first went natural and as a result when I found out I went on a buying spree. I like Shea Moisture, but I think I was using the wrong products for my hair. I have 4A for the most part, but 4B in the back and on the sides so I feel your pain ha.

    Liked by 1 person

      • destinytwilliams says:

        I’ve been using Coconut and Hibiscus, but I think I would fare better with the raw shea butter. I bought some cheap products at my local dollar store that primarily contained those and it did wonders for my hair so I think might switch to that one and see how it works out.

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      • curlsnlashes says:

        Ooooh I felt that the SheaMoisture Yucca and Baobab line also worked very well for me. The fragrance is nice as well 🙂 I felt that the Raw Sheabutter variant did not really work for my hair 😦


    • Koko U says:

      Hello. What if I decide not to braid, twist, or do much to my hair ever again, however, I wet my hair (only-water wash) every day and night, I co-wash once or twice a week, moisturise-deep-condition every weekend, and completely avoid silicone conditioners and sulfate shampoos. Won’t that suffice? What do you think?


      • destinytwilliams says:

        Right now I’m trying to use a sulfate free shampoo and a conditioner. I want to start deep conditioning again. I usually try to do this routine every week. I also use the LCO method on my hair to keep it moisturized. I’ve started to use a shampoo and a leave condition when I wash my hair and then I use an oil. So far so as my hair hasn’t gotten dry. Sorry for the late reply. Hope I helped!


  2. Koko U says:

    Hello everyone. What if I decide not to braid, twist, or do much to my hair ever again, however, I wet my hair (only-water wash) every day and night, I co-wash once or twice a week, moisturise-deep-condition every weekend, and completely avoid silicone conditioners and sulfate shampoos. Won’t that suffice? What do you think?

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    • curlsnlashes says:

      Hi Koko!
      Since a couple months I solely co-wash my once a week. I do not wet it during the evening, because that makes my hair frizz a lot. I deep conditioning every week during the weekend, my hair is very healthy ever since! You can experiment a bit, but I would try not to manipulate to often. Preventing silicones and sulfates is ideal 🙂 Xx Whitney


      • Koko U says:

        Thanks for the reply, Whitney :). My schedule for now always me time to wash only in the evenings. This is what I do mainly:
        – I water-only-wash every evening, and seal with my homemade hair oil (ginger+garlic+onion+eucalyptus+coffee+clarified palm oil), and leave to air-dry, then spritz with leave-in conditioner (also homemade)
        – I wash with normal bath soap and deep condition with a moisturising deep conditioner, and leave-in conditioner every weekend
        I stay away from silicones and sulfates absolutely :). I hardly cowash because of all the water-only-wash I do daily. What do u think?
        I could try your system too though. I’m a new natural with a fine-stranded 1 inch long 4a hair. I’m still trying to learn to enjoy it and maintain it as best I can but without spending too much. I’ll need all the education I can get :).

        Liked by 1 person

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