How to prevent heat damage

Hi guys!

If you’re thinking about grabbing that flat iron but you’re not sure how to avoid heat damage, I have some simple tips for you.


  • Heat protectant
    Do not use heat without a heat protectant, the chance of getting heat damage without using a heat protectant is much bigger than if you use one. It is also better to actually use a heat protectant product and not an oil.
  • Dry hair
    Do not flat iron your hair if it is still wet. If you don’t want to blow dry, just air dry.
  • Direct heat
    Another option for blow drying before flat ironing is a protective style. I like to use curlformers or roller sets on my hair and air or sit under a hooded dryer and afterwards I will flat iron my hair.
  • Temperature
    It is best to have a flat iron that has a temperature control. You can adjust the settings your self and prevent from flat ironing your hair on a temperature that is too high.


These were some small tips that will make your chance on heat damage far less. Please keep in mind that the more you flat iron your hair, the more prone it is to heat damage as well. Try not to do it very often.




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