How to take care of medium porosity hair

Girl/Boy you wonder, we explain! A couple of weeks ago, Caressa wrote an article about hair porosity. She explained the best products for low porosity hair, but what about medium-porosity? I decided to write a couple of articles about it. This week I will discuss the best things to do when you have this type of porosity.

First things first! Are you wondering what hair porosity is? Click here!

I have been struggling with my hair for months; I did not know what products to use and what type of hair regimen to follow. I realized that the YouTube videos of bloggers are meant to be a source of inspiration. That being said, sometimes it simply does not work out, but you can derive your regimen from them. Do not forget, that every curly girl is unique; therefore you need to create your very own regimens.

IMG_0974.JPG wordt weergegeven



Ever since, I started pre-pooing my hair it noticed that my hair became much more manageable during the washing process. The importance of manageable hair is that your hair is less prone for breakage. However, it is important to carefully detangle your hair when pre-pooing. Therefore, I choose to detangle my hair with my fingers. I know that many girls feel uncomfortable doing it this way. This is not a problem at all, as long as you detangle with a comb from the ends all the way up to the roots.

I made my oil mixture made of rosemary, mint, amla and black castor oil. I noticed that my hair grew a lot! Besides, my nails are long, strong and fierce since I use this mixture.


Sulfate-free shampoos

Sulfates do not work at all on my hair; it makes my hair very brittle and dry. If you hair is dry and therefore frizzy, you will notice change when using sulfate-free shampoos. Sulfate-free shampoos will make your hair


Double detangling process

“Double detangling?”
“Yes double detangling”

One time after the deep conditioning treatment and the second time after the regular conditioning treatment. My hair is thick and I prefer to detangle my hair in steps in order to avoid breakage. In my view this prevents breakage, since you are not forcing the detangling process too much.


IMG_0913.JPG wordt weergegeven


Low manipulation styling

Examples of low manipulation stylings are braid-outs, twists,  flexi-rods and perm-rods (See picture below). These hairstyles allow you to rock your curls without having to manipulate them to often. This means that you will not wash your hair often since these hairstyles last longer. Besides, you will not continuously try to refresh your curls with water and products. This prevents breakage and product build-up. In the long-run you will be able to achieve growth and length retention.

IMG_1097.JPG wordt weergegeven


Below hair care routine is the regimen I follow in order to take care of my medium porosity hair.


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