How to: Ombre on curly hair

Last weekend, I asked my mother if she could apply some high lights on my hair. She misunderstood and actually made an ombre effect on my hair.

 “Go have a look”, she smiled proudly. I went to the mirror and all my alarm bells went of. She noticed my facial expression and laughed. “Come here, one more step to go”

In my previous post, I highlighted that you should only allow a colour specialist to bleach your hair. I have the blessing that my mother went to a hairdresser academy. She has the talent to do a Dominican blowout and dye hair flawlessly. When she was a teenager she relaxed and maintained the hair of her mother, sisters and herself. Yes, my mother is pretty awesome.


The night before

The night before dying/bleaching your hair, you should apply coconut oil to those gorgeous curls of yours. You might wonder: “What is the added value of the coconut oil though?” Coconut oil has the ability to moisturize your hair. Besides, the coconut oil will be a protective coat around the outer layer of your hair. This layer will protect your hair against the damaging effects of bleaching. Wait hold on! You should take into consideration that this is some damage control…it does not entail that your hair will be 100% protected.


The day of bleaching

Brace yourself, because your nerve system might end up with a hangover after this process. Execute this process carefully; take into consideration that you have to continuously check whether your hair became light enough…you do not want to go too light at once! Divide your hair into sections:

      1. Bangs (Even though, you do not have these the hair should be divided like this)
      2. Two side sections
      3. One back section.

Make sure that the kids are playing with daddy, that you do not have phone calls and that there is nothing on the stove. You will need aluminium foil in order to cover the ends, which are bleached. The heat will make this process go faster. Besides, the chemical will not be in contact with your ski (The rash is real).

Start with the ‘bangs’, divide this section by four and apply the chemical to the ends of each section. Check continuously whether it is light enough and rinse the hair when it is light enough. This step should be repeated to each section. By working section by section you prevent unfortunate experiences from happening

**TIP: Don’t go blonde immediately; this process should go step by step. Otherwise, you will harm your hair.


Preventing the orange effect

Some women enjoy having the hair orange, whereas others prefer a more natural look. Luckily, everyone has his or her own preferences. If you want to prevent the orange effect, you should additionally apply another hair colour. My mother applied a caramel-blonde hair colour to my ends.


After this process, you give your curls some extra love: a keratin treatment. I always experience my hair to become more powerful after such a treatment. The curls find their joy back and my hair is easier to detangle. After washing and deep conditioning my hair, I continue with my curly hair routine. Are you curious about this routine? Click here!


How do you colour your hair? Share it with us, we are curious!


Xx Whitney Rochette


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