Tips for growing healthy hair

I often hear: “I really want to have long hair, it’s so beautiful”. Length is actually one of the last things you should worry about. As a matter of fact, long hair is only beautiful when your hair is happy. That being said, it would be a waste of money to invest in pills that support hair growth while ignoring signals you hair (and body) is trying to give you.

Approximately two years ago, in 2013 I did my ‘big’ chop. After the cut I have been trying to put many efforts in making my hair growth. I often ended up being fed up with my hair and pulling my hair into a big bun. At the beginning of 2015, I decided to treat my hair with the love it deserved. I was not necessarily focusing on making my hair grow: my focus swift to making my hair healthier.


  1. Low manipulation styling

Use flex-rods, perm rods and curl formers. Your hairstyle will last for days, which reduces your urge to do a co-wash. Low manipulation styling methods reduce the possibility of breakage and prevent the damaging consequences of shampooing your hair to often. Also, a braid-out is also a very effective low-manipulation hairstyle.

  1. Deep conditioning treatments

In the past I merely did deep conditioning treatments. My hair was craving protein and the elasticity of my hair disappeared. I do a protein treatment every two weeks. My favourite protein treatment is the Apoghee ‘Keratine 2 minute reconstructor’.

Also, I apply ‘regular’ deep conditioners every two weeks. I purchase deep-conditioners, which are rich of oils, such as olive oil, castor oil or coconut oil. My favourite deep-condtioners are ORS ‘Shealicious Moisturelock’ and the Vatika ‘Black seed hair mask’. Girl/boy, those deep conditioning treatments give my hair live!

  1. Do not touch your hair all the time

We all know that feeling when you find this thick curl and you start creating three curls out of this one. The advantage of this is that your hair becomes bigger; however, you are risking breakage. Do you also experience that the ends are cluttered together? Could you guess what happens when you continue dividing the curl? Yes, these ends break.


  1. A loose pineapple bun

When your bun/ponytails are to thigh your scalp is experiencing too much tension. This is not good for your edges, nor does it promote thick, healthy hair. When you want to give yourself a break from the warmth etcetera, you can pull your hair into a loose pineapple bun.

  1. Give your hair a break

Did you ever wonder why hair of most males grow much faster and is much healthier than ours? This is not only related to hormones. Overall, men invest less money on hair care than woman. Since I realized this, I decided to follow the same approach. I put my hair in a pineapple bun before going to bed. In the morning I remove the hair tie and wear my hair down. Ever since, I started this approach my hair became much healthier. Lastly, I only wash my hair once a week. This helps me avoid stripping my hair and breakage.

I hope these tips will help you! Do you want to share any tips with us? Do not hesitate and comment down below 🙂


Xx Whitney



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