Review: ORS HAIRepair Straightening & Strengthening Treatment

Hi guys!

A couple of months ago I decided to try out the Straightening & Strengthening Kit by ORS. It is a texture manageability treatment to make the hair softer by smoothing the cuticle without any chemicals. The kit has natural ingredients as coconut extract and aloe vera and with the help of amino acids that create a protection layer around the hair cuticle. The kit is suppose to help you diminish frizz and gives more shine to your straight and curly hairstyles.


    At first I was reluctant to try this out but I decided to give it a go anyway. This is a DIY kit so it is very easy to do at home but I went to a salon the first time.

    The package contains three products that will be applied in three steps. Shampoo, Foam Activator and a Leave-In Conditioner. The kit also comes with a manual on how to use everything step by step.


    Step 1: You start of course with the shampoo and make sure to cleanse your hair thoroughly. The shampoo foams a lot so even though it is a small bottle, it is more than enough even if you have extremely thick hair. Make sure not to comb your hair after you rinsed it because it will cause a lot of tangles which can result in too much breakage. Make sure all the dirt and build up is removed from the hair before you move on to the next step.


    Step up 2: Divide the hair in four sections and work on one section at a time. Apply two-three pumps of the foam activator and detangle the hair with a wide tooth comb (Note: it is easier to begin with the two sections in the back). The foam will make it easier for you to detangle the hair so a little goes a long way. After you have applied the foam activator throughout your entire hair, sit under a plastic cap to process. The density and health of your hair will determine how long you will have to process.

    Step 3: Do not rinse out the foam activator! Again, in four sections apply the Leave-In Conditioner and comb the product from the roots to the ends. Again, make sure not to rinse out anything but continue on blowdrying the hair. After blowdrying you can start to use a flat iron.


    To preserve the straight style I slept on a satin pillowcase at night and covered my hair most of the time with a cap outside. I left my hair straight for three weeks and then washed it again. My curls came back immediately and there was no heat damage. For the upcoming two months I changed styles between curly and straight. The protection layer around the cuticle stays onto the hair for 4-6 washes (with a sulfate shampoo). If you decide to flat iron your hair again after the first wash, please make sure to use a heat protector. Also, do not use the kit again, but only wash and condition your hair as usual.



    To summarize:
    – No formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals in the S&S Kit
    – Diminishes frizz
    – Creates shine, body and thickness to the hair.
    – Reduces the overal styling and drying time of the hair.
    – Can also be used on color treated hair or transitioners.


    This kit is easy to do it yourself but for my Dutch Naturalistas who would like to do it in a salon, I had it done at Beautysalon Mea Vota in Almere Centrum.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.



4 thoughts on “Review: ORS HAIRepair Straightening & Strengthening Treatment

    • curlsnlashes says:

      Hi Resa! Because of this treatment my hair responded very well to humidity, the amino acids make sure that it does not frizz that much, also sleeping on satin helps. The amino acids stay in the hair for approximately 4-6 wash turns, so every time I wash my hair it curls again but the product stays in so it is easier to flat iron and stays pretty, so it depends on how often you wash your hair


  1. Hannah Clark says:

    Hi thanks for your review ut was very helpful as j was unsure about rinsing. Also i have a few stray grey hairs in the instructions it says no to use on grey hair will this be ok do you think?




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