Bashing on women wearing weaves/wigs

I often narrow through platforms for women who have curly/coiled hair. I noticed that there is often the misconception that ladies who wear wigs or weaves are ashamed of their natural hair textures. Consequently, heated discussions arise resulting in more women deciding to not share their hair journeys. A cause might be that they feel that others are judging them. Women wearing wigs or weaves are not necessarily ashamed of their natural hair. And if they do, should not we support them?

Weaves and wigs are actually protective hairstyles. The decision to do protective styling is made in order relieve the hair from natural circumstances (humidity, sun etc) and continuous manipulation.
The ends of hair are more fragile than the roots; continuous washing, detangling and styling weaken the ends. Consequently, breakage might occur. There are different types of protective styling, such as:

– Braids and twists with synthetic hair
– Updos
– Wigs and weaves

Harsh statements


“You are just wearing wigs and weaves, because you are afraid of your natural hair”

“I feel sorry for black man, they need to pay alimentation and the wigs of their baby mama”

“The girl is wearing Asian hair and her edges are still representing Africa, girl fix yourself”

“She is wearing wigs all the time, probably she should join weave-rehab”


The majority of the global population has freedom of choice. There are many choices people make that are against social values and other constitutional rights. However, I do not believe that hairstyling choices contribute to the violation of any of these rights. So why does it annoy people when others wear their wigs/weaves? Is it considered offensive? Or is it even considered as a reason of laughter?

In my opinion, there is no reason why people should bash on others based on decisions that do not harm others. Firstly, no one has the knowledge of the reasons behind the choices of others just by looking at these persons. Besides, no one has visibility on what someone is exactly going through. Perhaps someone is wearing wigs, because of a certain disease. This emphasizes how rude and useless above statements are.
Lastly, someone might indeed be insecure about his or her natural hair. It is very sad when someone is judged because of his or her insecurities. This is neither a sin nor a crime, especially when we look at the history of black hair. The majority of black woman have touched relaxers in the past, in order to accomplish beauty ideals inherited from the slavery period. Currently, the following ideal is not in place anymore. However, it was in the past:



“Straight hair is more beautiful/superior than curly/coiled hair”



Thus, most people have dealt with insecurities related to their hair textures. If someone had been there, is not it contradicting when this person is pulling people down who are dealing with similar insecurities?  Perhaps the ‘bully’ never experienced these insecurities, would not it be worthwhile for this person to educate him/herself more?

Instead of bashing those who enjoy wearing wigs/weaves, more efforts should be invested in convincing others about their beauty. Besides, more initiatives should be taken to gain the ability to understand others. Eventually, this would make the world a happier place.


Xx Whitney


One thought on “Bashing on women wearing weaves/wigs

  1. destinytwilliams says:

    I totally agree. I love wigs, but I also love my natural hair though I admit I get frustrated with it sometimes. Wearing a wig allows me to not deal with my hair for awhile until I’m ready to face my own hair and not hate it, which I did for so long.

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