How natural hair changed the way I do my makeup

Not only did the transitioning process change my hair texture, it also changed my make-up looks. When I finally aspired to embrace my hair texture I always thought that I would keep my makeup very natural, because my hair would be the point of attention.

I stated many times that the transitioning process changed my mind-set. It changed my perception of beauty and make-up as well. When scrolling through Instagram I came across amazing pictures, which truly inspired me. Not to forget YouTube personalities, such as ItsMyRayeRaye and SunKissAlba showed amazing ways to do make-up.

So how did my make-up look change? How was my make-up routine in the past? And how is it now?


Speaking in past tense

At the beginning of my transitioning process I tried to keep my make-up look as natural as possible. I avoided lipsticks or the application of false eyelashes. At first, I felt very uncomfortable during the transitioning process. Thus, I prevented to be the point of attention. Consequently, I tried to tame my hair as well as keeping my makeup natural. The response of my surrounding was not really helping; I often received comments such as:


“I would apply relaxer, natural hair is not meant for everybody”

“You might consider a bun…your hair is not very pretty today”

“I wish you would take our advice for granted and buy a relaxer as soon as you can”


These comments made me feel bad and as a result I tried to move the attention to my clothes. I often tried to change my look, but at the end I felt more comfortable keeping my look calm.


Speaking in present tense

In 2015, I got a job after my internship. I just finished the transitioning process and decided to change my appearance in order to differentiate myself from others professionally as well as personally. My mother was aware of this change and she gave my first M.A.C lipstick as a present. It was a Bordeaux lipstick (M.A.C Diva). I remember loving the combination of lipstick and a curly fro. Slowly I crossed my limits by moving to winged eyeliners and red lipstick. Thereafter, I started wearing coloured lipsticks as well as eye shadow.

I notice that as soon as I felt more comfortable with my natural hair I was ready to wear make-up. Currently, my makeup look depends on my hairdo, my outfit and my mood. For instance, if I wear my curls in a pineapple bun I love to have smokey eyes and neutral lips.

I would recommend all women who are trying to find a make-up style that matches their appearance to visit a M.A.C store (or any other make-up store) for recommendations. Besides, Instagram is a great source of inspiration. Use the hash tag #MakeUp and you will quickly encounter amazing make-up looks.

Do you want to share your make-up looks with me? Write your Instagram in the comment section and I will share my a top five on our Instagram (@CurlsndLashes)!


Written by Whitney From The Blog


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