The Inversion Method

How to grow long hair fast? I’m sure a lot of women think about this and have tried different methods. Changing their diet, their hair products or taking hair supplements. There is also another method: The Inversion method.


With the Inversion Method you can achieve one inch (2.54 cm) of hairgrowth within one week (!). Normally, hair grows on average around half a inch each month.  When you are inverting, the blood flows to the head, which increases the circulation that promotes hair growth.

Step one: I heated up the  oil in a bowl of warm water. It is recommended to use olive oil, but I preferred almond oil.

Step two: I sectioned my hair and applied the oil on my scalp. I massaged my scalp at every section for approximately two minutes.

Step three: The actual inversion. I decided not to take a very big angle, so I sat on a chair and bended my head toward my feet holding my toes. I stayed in this position for four minutes. Afterwards, I came up very slowly.

I repeated these three steps for seven days before going to bed. I started out with straight hair and rinsed my hair every morning. I co washed after day four.


In the end, my hair almost grew 2 centimeters (almost one inch). Since I am a Yogi and my body is used to be in a inverted position often, I did not expect that much hair growth in a week. Will I do this again? No probably not. It was quite exhausting to do this every day and by the fifth day, I already got an headache after inverting for one minute. In addition, I do not like to use oil on my scalp or hair as often as this.



Some tips if you are about to do the inversion method:

–    If you’re new to inverted positions, make sure not to do a severe angle with this method. Do not lay on the bed and bend your head over the edge. It is better to start sitting on a chair or bending over the sink.

–   Avoid this method during menstruation and pregnancy. Also do not do this is you have a hernia, other injuries, low or high blood pressure or any other heart condition. If you have any concern or doubt, always check with your doctor first.

–    After the inversion, make sure to come up slowly.

–   If you are not a big fan of oil as well, you can leave it out. Just make sure you do the scalp massages before inverting.

–    Only do the inversion method once a month. You’re body will get use to being inverted if you do it to often or you can get headaches or migraines. In addition to that, it will not work anymore and you will experience less hair growth.

– Consistency is important. If you forget a day, just keep going on. If you forget a couple of days, do no make up for it. If you would like to do a complete week, it is better to wait a month before trying again.

Good luck!

X Caressa


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