Personal: My battle against chronic anxiety

Unfortunately I suffer from anxiety which is something that I learned to live with during the last few years. This topic is something which is not really spoken about within our community although it is important. I believe it is partly because some cultures immediately mark these people as crazy. On the other hand, it is not really something people feel comfortable talking about. I would like to communicate to the latter group: pay no attention to such ignorant judgment and speak up.

“As far as I remember I have always suffered from anxiety but once I hit puberty it got worse.”


As far as I remember I have always suffered from anxiety but once I hit puberty it got worse.Consequently, I developed insomnia. It did not affect my performance at school, luckily. I graduated high school with ease, going on to study International Business and Languages in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, during my freshman year I had a range of unfortunate circumstances that caused my anxiety to deteriorate.

At the end of my freshman year, I experienced a burnout–continuous crying, continuous panic attacks, and not having the same feeling about things I once had an excitement for. I spent approximately two weeks on the couch, sleep deprived and unable to eat.

I decided to help myself recover. It was easier said than done: my body had a very low energy level and in my mind it was extremely difficult to trigger any excitement. I remember that I called my best friend and told her to meet me in the city centre. Then came another step: dressing myself up. I consider myself to be a fashion addict; nevertheless, that day I could not care less what I would wear. This taught me to not judge people who look or seem dowdy because I never know what someone is going through. Not many people think about dressing up when going through a difficult period in life.

“I started forcing myself to do the things I loved to do in the past.”

I started forcing myself to do the things I loved to do in the past. I started going shopping, listening to music, and meeting up with my beloved friends again. Little by little, I gained more energy and excitement. My recovery took me approximately a year and it was not easy. It was worth the battle, however, because it did make me into a stronger person.

Ever since, I overcame the burnout my anxiety disorders lessened. Nevertheless, I still suffer(ed) from anxiety but I did not want it to stop me from living. Therefore, I moved to California for half a year as part of my exchange year. It was a huge step, but it helped me overcome anxiety. Life is just too pretty to be afraid all the time. published my article a few weeks ago. Curious about the experiences of the readers? Check it out!


One thought on “Personal: My battle against chronic anxiety

  1. Nells29 says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I have anxiety too but when I talk about it, it seems like people don’t care so I don’t say anything about it to anyone. I feel like my mother is frustrated that I am like this but I think she suffers from it too.

    I have social anxiety, especially when it comes to public speaking. I joined toastmasters but I don’t think it is helping me. I may just join a support group.

    Thank you.


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