The advantages of low manipulation styling

When I narrow through social media end curly hair platforms, I often come across questions of women related to hair growth. The most common complaint is that the definition of curls disappear after a day, that the hair is very dry and that hair growth barely occurs. This triggers them to switch hair care products instantly or to do an extra co-wash.Whitneyfirstdayy

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How to achieve more definition

11011205_717209238410863_4535680932499365237_nBefore my new routine (left) and after my new routine (right)

Two weekends ago, I went to Caressa in order to attend the ‘concert’ of Nicky Jam in Amsterdam. I asked her if she could do my hair and I was thinking of curl formers. However, she wanted to try something new with my hair and this resulted in bouncy curls! Continue reading

How to retain hair length




“My hair isn’t growing!” Is what I hear often and most of the time that is not true. Hair grows, but it also breaks. If your hair is “stuck” at one length then you probably aren’t retaining any length. That means, your hair is breaking at the same rate your hair is growing (In some cases, your hair isn’t actually growing, then it is time to see physician). I will give you some tips on how you can retain length so your growth will actually be visible.

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Curly hair and vacation


Hi guys!


Whenever I go on vacation, I never know what to do with my hair.  I’m usually a wash n go type but since my hair is low porosity, my hair loses moisture very fast in countries where it is hot. So I have listed a few options what you can do on vacation.

1. Protective styling

Of course protective styling is a way to go. For me, box braids will last the longest, but there are much more protective styles. Faux locs, senegalese twists, you name it! 

2. Low manipulation

Twist outs, braid outs, or my personal favorite: finger coils. I like finger coils the best because there is hardly any frizz especially when you do not seperate the strands. Flexi rods or perm rods can work but that can frizz up faster because of warmth or humidity.
3. (Lace) wigs and weaves.

Similar to point one, but this might be good for the not so warm places to go on vacation, so it won’t be to warm on top of your head. 


4. Straight hair

Only an option if you are not completely against heat and more into city trips than a beach vacation. 

I personally like finger coils and box braids the most. I also still wash n go but I prefer not to because the moisture leaves my hair too quickly. What do you like to do with your hair on vacation?


X Caressa