How natural hair changed the way I do my makeup

Not only did the transitioning process change my hair texture, it also changed my make-up looks. When I finally aspired to embrace my hair texture I always thought that I would keep my makeup very natural, because my hair would be the point of attention. Continue reading


Thoughts a curly girl has on the first date

First dates…loved my many, hated by a minority. Dating someone you know is not as difficult as dating someone you just met. Things you are normally secure about often turn into insecurity. Some people already feel the nerves kicking a day prior to the date. However, when it comes to your hair there are some thoughts you might have on the special day!

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Bashing on women wearing weaves/wigs

I often narrow through platforms for women who have curly/coiled hair. I noticed that there is often the misconception that ladies who wear wigs or weaves are ashamed of their natural hair textures. Consequently, heated discussions arise resulting in more women deciding to not share their hair journeys. A cause might be that they feel that others are judging them. Women wearing wigs or weaves are not necessarily ashamed of their natural hair. And if they do, should not we support them? Continue reading

How to retain hair length




“My hair isn’t growing!” Is what I hear often and most of the time that is not true. Hair grows, but it also breaks. If your hair is “stuck” at one length then you probably aren’t retaining any length. That means, your hair is breaking at the same rate your hair is growing (In some cases, your hair isn’t actually growing, then it is time to see physician). I will give you some tips on how you can retain length so your growth will actually be visible.

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Hairtexture discrimination, does it exist?

Since the start of 2015 I have been experimenting with my beautiful locks. I went through three phases:

  1. Acceptance of my hair texture
  2. Getting to know my hair
  3. Experimenting with my hair

Now I can finally say that I gained full confidence of my hair. In order to question society successfully I have been observing, observing and again observing. I have been reading articles and discussions about hair texture discrimination. So why would I not test whether this truly happens?

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