How to take care of medium porosity hair

Girl/Boy you wonder, we explain! A couple of weeks ago, Caressa wrote an article about hair porosity. She explained the best products for low porosity hair, but what about medium-porosity? I decided to write a couple of articles about it. This week I will discuss the best things to do when you have this type of porosity.

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The routine my curly coily hair loves

Hi dearest,

My hair care routine changed and this resulted in much healthier hair! Recently, I discovered that protective hairstyling brings my hair back alive! Curious? Check this video! Oh and because of my hair I can easily survive 7 days without manipulating my hair…


Updated Curly Hair Routine

Hi guys,

It was time for an updated curly hair routine since it changed slightly since the last one. I went back to using leave in conditioners instead of rinse out conditioners for extra moisture, and I added some new products to my regular wash n go’s. ┬áIn addition, I wear my styles for much longer, at least 8 days. Before this was around 4/5 days. While you’re at it, have a look at our other youtube video’s!

X Caressa