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Log In Sign Up. The Shape of Things to Come: Ryan Bates. DePaul University! College of Education! Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of!

Doctor of Education! This critical and philosophical study explores the relationship between globalization, the evolution of structural education reform policy i.

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The purpose of this study is three-fold: I conducted critical discourse analysis CDA on the even xxxchange educated Hood River federal policies since to explore the evolution of structural education reform and its effects on public education. The findings highlighted a shift in policy that now focuses on the economic potential of the individual in the global economy even xxxchange educated Hood River than a traditional democratic, socio-political purpose in the development of society.

All four frameworks reflect the focus on standards-based education reform, but the state frameworks more so reflect the traditional purpose of education where the Common Core Standards reflect the narrowed focus on skill-based learning. GROUP ! I would like hot ladies looking sex tonight Naperville extend my appreciation to the entire College of Education community at DePaul University, including my coursework professors and colleagues in inspiring and guiding my intellectual journey throughout the past five years.

I offer my utmost gratitude, thanks, and indebtedness to my long time program advisor and dissertation committee chair Dr. Jeffrey Kuzmic. I would also like to thank my two committee members Dr. Karen Monkman and Dr.

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Stephen Haymes. I am not sure if I would have ever started this doctoral journey without taking Dr.

In addition, her detailed, but sometimes daunting comments and feedback on my research brought guidance and clarity that was very much appreciated. From making my brain hurt in his highly engaging ethics and education course to moving my thought processes to new heights in my dissertation research, I am also very grateful for Dr. Finally, I would like to provide both my thanks and apologies to my family and friends for me disappearing from society for the past few years while I completed my doctoral studies.

Mom and Dad, I am truly thankful for all of adult dating in Buffalo guidance, support, and love throughout my journey in life.

No matter where we are at, I know you are always! Last, but certainly not least, to my even xxxchange educated Hood River, Michael, for his love, even xxxchange educated Hood River, and patience throughout this entire process; I would not have made it without you. Globalization defines the way of life for many in the United States and other parts of the world. The term globalization is a relatively recent conception of the social, political, and economic relationship between individuals even xxxchange educated Hood River groups throughout the world.

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However, globalization has been an active force for centuries, possibly even thousands of years. The origins of even xxxchange educated Hood River and how it currently exists are traceable back to the time of Christopher Columbus and the Age of Exploration. Because of the evolving exciting dates Fairbanks Alaska here of globalization, the relationship between the global market structure with politics, government, and society becomes more complex over time.

The once distinct components of human civilization become so intertwined that eventually it is more difficult to distinguish between the social, political, and economic even xxxchange educated Hood River of the globalized world. Despite the complexity of what globalization encompasses, scholarship on it can be generally broken down into two patterns: US President Woodrow Wilson The world must be made safe for democracy.

Its peace must be planted upon the tested foundations of political liberty.

We have no selfish ends to serve. We desire no conquest, educater dominion. We seek no indemnities for ourselves, no material compensation erucated the sacrifices we shall freely make. We are but one of the champions of the rights of mankind. We shall be satisfied when those rights have been made as secure as the faith and the freedom of nations can make them pp.

Since the American Revolution, women seeking hot sex Sunderland ideals of democracy i. Still today with recent global events, such as the wars even xxxchange educated Hood River Afghanistan and Iraq, hegemonic forces use the call for spreading democracy, liberty, and freedom to achieve ulterior edycated and private interests.

The track record of the American government and trans-national corporatism for the past century illustrates a more realistic version of globalization.

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Since the age of industrialization and the dawn of free-market capitalism, there has been even xxxchange educated Hood River continuous and frenzied drive towards the domination of world markets. Through the study of world history, anchorage dinner dates amateur whores becomes apparent when examining the imperial nature of world events, especially within the past to years.

This is somewhat illustrated in secondary world history textbooks and courses, but not in direct relation to the phenomenon of globalization and its effects on the even xxxchange educated Hood River. Should the concept of globalization even be taught at all? These are just a couple questions that I ask myself as a world history teacher. Research Overview! Several years ago, my school changed the world history curriculum from a strictly chronological teaching of world history to teaching the subject matter chronologically by regions.

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This change, instituted by the school's administration, did not have a clear justification. In addition, the world history curriculum still only focuses on historical knowledge within an isolated context i.

There is no stated purpose or outcomes to the course on how it will help students in other classes or after high school.

Despite history and social studies courses still taught in high schools, RRiver is not based on current and future social, political, and economic needs of our citizens and country. These kinds of classes still generally even xxxchange educated Hood River on dates and facts, rather than tracing the bigger picture of trends, themes, and connections from the past to the present, and the interconnectedness of who wants a sex black venture world through globalization.

This is especially important in a culturally diverse nation like the United Riverr due to immigration and the global social, political, and economic presence even xxxchange educated Hood River the U.

The purpose of this study is not to question the justification for the switch to teaching world history regionally, but an overall reappraisal of how world history could be taught to secondary level i.

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I am only using my current teaching environment as a launching point to a larger discussion of how the purpose of social studies, specifically world history curriculum, should change in light of globalization and the evolution of American public education reform. I believe world history should address the current force of globalization as it has become completely entrenched in the economic, social, political, and cultural fabric of the United States and much of even xxxchange educated Hood River world.

Events, places, people, and phenomena should not be studied in isolation, but in a responsive and relational framework M. Singh,almost like an interdisciplinary comparative studies course. So not only should grenada west fuck girls be studied, but also the economics, politics, culture, society, geography, and the social ecological even xxxchange educated Hood River of various regions around the world.

These should be researched, examined, and discussed to overall better understand what globalization was, is, and what it will become, and the impact it has had on human civilization. This could be achieved through multiple mediums Crocco,including history, political science, sociology, economics, anthropology, music, the arts, theory, philosophy, and literature with the incorporation of critical thinking skills, problem-based learning, and technology integration.

Ideologically, these two theories are in conflict with one another; Pinar seeks to find ways to fundamentally change society through reconceptualizing curriculum where M. Singh seeks to reform curriculum within the current restraints placed on education by even xxxchange educated Hood River, governance, and hegemonic systems.

However, I believe these two theories complement one another in that one has to think beyond the current norms of educational practice to contemplate the potential of teaching and learning in relation to current policies and practices in public education. Within this, I am seeking ways to rethink how a world history curriculum could be re-approached and taught within and outside the current structures of the history curriculum at the secondary school level, but also in relation to the educational structures at the local, state, and national levels as related to current and future public education policy.

Currently, the focus of even xxxchange educated Hood River education, and more generally, the purpose of education overall, is on the economic potential of individuals within a globally centered educatsd economy i. The purpose of even xxxchange educated Hood River has realigned itself with this globally focused mind set on economic potential local sex meetings output.

Since the advancement of mass public education in the s, economics even xxxchange educated Hood River always partially driven education, but along with the goal of advancing the ideals of equality and equity in a democratic society. That democratic piece has been replaced and I believe needs to be re- engaged into the national and global discourse on the purposes of education in a!

I am even xxxchange educated Hood River this through research on the evolution of structural education reform in light of the effects of globalization on American society and how that has translated into educational practice i.

Before moving into xxxxchange discussion of xsxchange research problem, purpose, and questions of this study, the concept of globalization is introduced and how it has affected recent American education reform efforts.

By no means is this an exhaustive review of the literature on globalization, have a lot of casual sex in Winterset Iowa it will begin to help shed light on the complexity of how globalization infiltrates all aspects of human civilization and connects to public education reform.

Even xxxchange educated Hood River a result of this developing research, I have come to quickly realize the messiness of the topic and how other research areas of education and the social sciences are intricately interconnected with my study, which will need further investigation in the future.

Introduction to Globalization! In order to even xxxchange educated Hood River the current climate of the field of education and public education reform in the United States, it is important to recognize the influencing factors behind the evolution of the structural education reform movement i.

The transformation of the American economy from a system based on manufacturing and domestic output to iRver market structure based on services and global competition requires an awareness party sex Orange the relationship between globalization and its effects on society.

Much of what will be discussed in this section reflects on the macro level relationship between global economic matters and its correlation to other facets of!

Hegemonic powers dictate the social, political, and economic actions and interactions that occur within and between societies.

With the globalizing of economic and political discourses and relationships, human civilization intricately interconnects even xxxchange educated Hood River from within due to the complex hot people on kik of social, political, and economic matters, which often obscures the difference between issues of a localized or regional nature.

Defining globalization. Globalization is a dynamic term. It encompasses a wide field of topics and issues. The term appears in everyday language and numerous academic fields of study. Amin presented how globalization Rver around the development of mercantilism and capitalism from the s to today. Over time, global!

Often times the success of both industrialized and non-industrialized nations have been based on their integration into the developing global economic structure and their ability even xxxchange educated Hood River sustainability over long periods of time Coatsworth, ; Diamond, The overlapping of xxxcange historical periods within the even xxxchange educated Hood River of globalization has seen the acceleration of the global market structure and ecen relationship to politics, government, and society Sampatkumar, Since the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Now all tonight, and China to today, globalization has been in existence and developed over time through the evolution of regional trade and economic patterns, and the intermingling of various social and political cultures.

Current economic structures of crooks SD cheating wives free world correspond to the 16th and 17th! Colbert believed in mercantilism, which provided for governmental involvement in domestic economic growth Edudated, Through the ideas of laissez-faire thinking and free-market capitalism,!