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I Look Men Get pounded tonight for a few hours

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Get pounded tonight for a few hours

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Send me your cxxk with it in your hand so I can geg the measurement of my nice daddy dxxk. Nice shoes, wanna fuk. Adult wants nsa Washington Terrace in town for few days. I'll give them a good massage.

Age: 41
Relationship Status: Newlyweds
Seeking: Searching Sex Date
City: Dayton, OH
Relation Type: Looking For A Serious Woman

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Top definition. Pounding unknown. Only the best sex.

Hard, Fast, and a fuck load of hip movement. Yes.

Beating the crap out of somebody. Man that Mickey is going to get a proper pounding when I get hold of.

Pounding drugs. To do shots of hard liquor.

Man, how come you ain't pounding any tonight? The action of doing any superfly activity in a group.

Im pounding". Hawaiian pidgin adjective; refering to large waves. Ho Bra, we just wen get back from Ali'i's ; da waves wuz fucking pounding.

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