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Traditional german wedding cake

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Indeed, Germans respect and love their traditions and maintain them through time and distances. Foreigners travel to Germany and marry there, Germans living abroad wish to get married in accordance with their native rituals, so it traditional german wedding cake high time to get brides and grooms acquainted with what they will have wfdding do on their German-like Hochzeit wedding.

Car Procession — after the wedding a car procession is formed and drives through town honking their horns — others honk back wishing traditional german wedding cake couple good luck.

Costs — the father of the bride has to pay the wedding.

This is an old custom but today normally both parents and the couple itself divide the costs for the wedding. Dance — the first dance is danced by the bride and the groom, it is traditionally a waltz.

First Night — to make the first night as difficult as traditional german wedding cake, friends of the couple do lots of funny or sometimes cruel things. They fill up the rooms with balloons, hide lots of alarm clocks in the bedroom, take apart the bed, and so on.

Flowers — besides the flowers for the taditional and in church, the hood of the wedding car is decorated with lots of flowers. Junggesellenabschied — a few days before the wedding the groom and his male friends go to a pub travitional sometimes other places to drink and have fun.

Kidnapping of traditional german wedding cake bride — in some areas mostly in small villages friends kidnap the bride and the groom has to find.

Normally, he has to search in a lot of pubs and invite all people in there or pay the whole. Sometimes this traditional german wedding cake ends badly. Polterabend — this is an informal informal dress and food party at the evening before the wedding where plates and dishes are smashed the broken pieces are thought to bring good luck to the bride.

The bride and groom have to clean up. Rice — after the wedding when the traditional german wedding cake leaves the church, friends throw rice on them and it is said that they will get as many children as rice grains stay in the hair of the bride.

Veil Dance — this is a popular game for a wedding evening. Every woman or man who wants to dance with the groom or bride, has to pay for it.

Wedding Cake — the wedding cake, mostly a large cake with lots of ornaments, has to be cut by the bride and the groom traditional german wedding cake.

The wedding banquet plays a central role at nuptial celebrations around the world A traditional, rural delicacy from Northern Germany which you may find as a a layered cake with honey and almonds common to German-speaking cultures. Traditional German wedding cookie handmade by the Groom's sister! A fall wedding cake is traditionally something with several layers and orange and. At first, a German wedding may not seem all too different from those in the UK or US. But you as invites aren't sent and traditionally it just spreads by word of mouth. . Midnight is when Germans often choose to cut the cake.

Wedding Evening — at the traditional german wedding cake evening a lot of games are played, speeches are held the first normally from the father of the bridesometimes a wedding newspaper is handed. Songs are sung, and so on.

White Ribbon — the bride wevding lengths of white ribbon with her bouquet, and after the church ceremony is over and the guests are leaving the church, she hands traditionxl driver a ribbon that they tie to the radio traditional german wedding cake.

Wedding Shoes — another tradition is to collect pennies for years and buy traditional german wedding cake shoes for the bride with this money. Related articles: You might also like: Nicholas The History of the German Language.